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 Making Room for What You Love
I pushed the stuff on the kitchen table aside so I could set down my bowl of cereal.

My friend, Marni, looked at the table, then up at me. She frowned. “How can you eat with all that junk piled up around you?”

Inviting a Great Idea in for Coffee: Who Do You Let Inside Your Head?
Someone knocks at your door. You open it to find your worst nightmare standing there, looking hopeful. The neighbor who’s on the registered sex-offender list. The blind date you narrowly escaped with your sanity intact. Or maybe your ex-mother-in-law - and she’s carrying an ax. Do you open the door?

Of course not. Just because they showed up, doesn’t mean you have to let them in. It might surprise you to realize you have the same control over what thoughts you entertain.

I Manifested The Home Of My Dreams - Twice!

We loved the little yellow farm house, sitting on some of the best farm
land in the county. However, it wasn't for sale, and could we even
afford to buy it if it was? In less than a year, it was OUR little farm
house. Here's what happened...

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