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The view from my front porch.
I Manifested the Home of My Dreams - Twice
By Beth Bracale

I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, as did my husband, Ron. Yet, both of us dreamed of living in the country, surrounded by nature. The problem was, we didn’t have much disposable income. We couldn’t imagine how we could afford to buy even a small farm and everything we’d need to run it. Still, we looked for our ideal place whenever we traveled. We glanced through real estate listings here and there. We shared our vision with others who had similar hopes and dreams.
Years went by. Possible properties came and went. At one point, we nearly bought 40 acres in upstate New York, but it just didn’t feel right. We never gave up the dream, but it often faded into the background as we went about our daily activities. Someday, we thought, we’d move. Maybe after we retired…
Then some friends bought 10 acres beside a river, about an hour’s drive from where we lived. Ron said it was some of the most beautiful land he had ever seen. We were excited to learn no one was living in a nearby house. We could be neighbors!
But the property wasn’t for sale…
We strolled past the little yellow farmhouse, admiring the flowers, the trees…. Ron shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked. “I could see us living there, but I don’t know how we could afford it.”
“Just put it out to The Universe,” I suggested.
“Ok.” He cleared his throat. “Spirit, we need half a million dollars to buy that –“
“No! Not like that. Just say we want to live there. Let Spirit work out the details.”
He tried again. “Spirit, Beth and I would like to live here in that house, on that land.”
“So be it,” I said, putting my verbal seal on it. “That’s it. Now we let it go. If the idea of wanting to own the property pops up in our minds in the future, we can envision already living there, and let it go again.”

That’s what we did. A couple of months later, our friend called to tell us the owners of the little yellow farmhouse were ready to sell. If we wanted to buy it, we should make a bid quickly, before the property was listed. When he told us the price, our hopes sank. It was way out of our budget. Then our friend asked if we’d be willing to split the property. He wanted more farm land, but not the house and the few acres immediately surrounding it. Our hopes lifted a bit. Ron asked how much that portion would cost us. While he talked, I pictured us living in the house, walking the dogs in the yard, tending the flowers….

The price? Exactly what we were able to afford. Exactly what our tiny suburban house sold for a couple of months later, right after we put it on the market. Not only did we have our dream property, we owned it outright, with no mortgage!
Sweet Cottage by the Lake
Why had I felt confident in telling Ron to put our desire “out to The Universe”? Because that’s what had worked for me when I bought my first house.
I was a single mom of three, living paycheck to paycheck in a two-bedroom apartment. When I got the eviction notice, I was stunned. I figured, though, that once I presented my case in court, everyone would see it was a mistake, and our lives would continue on as they had been. So I was even more stunned when the judge ruled that we had sixty days to vacate our apartment.
Living paycheck to paycheck meant I had no extra money for the first month’s rent and security deposit for another apartment, or even enough to rent a truck to haul my belongings away. I had no idea what I was going to do. There didn’t seem to be anything I could do.
I sat down and had a conversation with Spirit, God, The Universe – it doesn’t matter the name you use. “Spirit,” I said, “I need help. My family and I need a new home within 60 days. I have no idea how that can possibly happen, so I’m handing it over to you.”
Relief swept through me. I physically felt the weight of the anxiety I had been feeling lift. I got a strong sense that everything would be taken care of. That the results would be better than our current situation, and certainly better than anything I could brainstorm on my own. I didn’t question the feeling – I chose to believe in it with every particle of my being. I didn’t have time for doubt.
The next day, while driving with a coworker to a meeting, I told him what was going on. His response was, “You deserve a nice house for your family, instead of another apartment. You should buy a house.” He just said it casually, then turned the conversation in another direction. My mind stayed behind, stuck on those two statements. I should buy a house. It had never occurred to me. I couldn’t even afford an apartment! My friend’s other statement was even more startling. I deserved a house!
Ok, Spirit, I thought. I’d like a house, ready to move into in 59 days.
I called Jeannie, a friend of the family I hadn’t seen in years. My mother had mentioned recently that Jeannie had become a realtor. She told me that I could afford a $70,000 home, based on my income and expenses. The good news was I could get a new homeowner loan, with no money down. Yeah, but $70,000 dollars, I thought. What can I buy with that – a garage? Yet I knew I had no room for doubts. None. I pushed the negative thoughts from my mind and asked Jeanie to send me a printout of all the houses in our area listed for $70,000.
There were two. One looked like it would cave in if you sneezed on it, and it was in a neighborhood that wasn’t a great one for raising children. The second was a little brick and stone cottage not far from our apartment. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. I couldn’t believe it was listed for $70,000. I told Jeannie I wanted to see it right away, even though I was afraid she’d tell me it was a mistake. Stay positive, I reminded myself.
I met Jeanie at the cottage. I brought my brother along for moral support. After touring the property, he said, “Bid on it. Now. Bid the full asking price.” I trusted his judgement, and told Jeannie to put a bid in for me.
The next day, Jeannie told me someone else had also put in a bid the same time as me. She would let me know what the seller decided. I stopped my thought mid-sentence, after, There’s no way I’ll -. “No room for doubt” was becoming my mantra.
My bid was accepted. The house passed inspection. The sellers made the repairs required for the loan. The closing would take place two days before I had to be out of my apartment. A voice in my head said, It’s too good to be true. It can still fall apart. I waived it away. I’d gotten pretty good at that. What could go wrong?
I realize that considering what could go wrong can be helpful when you’re formulating a business plan, or planning a big event, like a wedding. You want to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. However, there is no room for “What could go wrong?” when you’ve surrendered your dire situation to The Universe. It counts as doubt.
What could go wrong in this case was that no one told me I’d have to pay the closing costs. I thought “no money down” meant I didn’t have to pay any money until my first mortgage payment was due. I only had a couple of weeks to scrape the money together, or we would be homeless.
Once you lose trust and faith, it’s hard to work it back up again. Doubts are like weeds – they’re tenacious, and will take over your mental garden seemingly overnight. Still, I’d come this far. I couldn’t give up, especially given the alternative. So I sat down and talked to Spirit once more. Then I stayed quiet, waiting until the light feeling of certainty filled me again. It took longer this time, but eventually, it came.

No, a check for the exact amount of the closing costs didn’t show up in the mail. That was my hoped-for solution. Spirit came through, but not as I’d outlined in my mind. Checks and envelopes of cash for smaller amounts started coming to me from sources I couldn’t even have imagined. What I ended up with was enough money to pay the closing costs, AND rent a truck to move our belongings. Even more valuable was the clear message I received from so many different people – you are loved, and you DO deserve a house. You are worthy of goodness in your life.
6 Steps to Manifesting
1.      State what you want. Envision it already accomplished. How does it feel?
2.      Turn the manifestation of it over to The Universe.
3.      Don’t outline how it will come about – leave the details to Spirit.
4.      Squash any negative thoughts or feelings.
5.      If you start getting anxious, quickly envision it done again. Then let it go again.
6.      Trust that it will come about at the right time, in the best way.

In the case of my first house, there was a specific deadline that had to be met. Yet often, what I call into my life doesn’t show up when I think it should. It shows up when the time is right.

You just have to believe.
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